About us

E-temples.in is an exclusive website dedicated to offer temple information online. We have a keen interest towards spirituality and provide information that can help people source relevant activities of various temples across India. We have a dedicated team who have gained pertinent information on some of the major temples across India and have developed a proper strategy to list all the details on our website which is E-temples.in.

E-temples.in is where we want to provide related information for each temple such as temple timings, puja schemes, prasadam’s, Annual events and other relevant activities, which implies for some of the temples. We have taken utmost care in designing the website, so that whoever visits our site should be able to find worthy information within a short span of time. With a team of devoted web designers and developers along with customer support team, we will see to that all your queries are solved as soon as possible.

Our main aim through this site is to maintain worthy and credible relationships with all those enthusiasts who want to acquire information pertaining to temples, and this can only be done when we as a team are service oriented with a passion to serve our users as and when required with the best possible means. Ultimately, we want this site to be so popular that gradually it should be able to gain huge user base over a period of time, and we are quite optimistic that this will happen in the near future.